Niche Finder Software – Why I chose this one.

There are a lot of good niche finding software out there and it gets hard to decide which one to put your hard earned money out for.  Some people buy them all as each has different information and we all have a different way of looking at a niche and what the information gives us.

For me, I like it simple.  Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Keyword Elite, Niche Finder and many more that I looked at are all good pieces of keyword research, niche finding and domain finding software.  Niche Finder was the simplest for me.

Most of them gave me too much information and thus I got confused and ended up doing nothing.  I wanted to take my list of InstaCash Keywords and enter them into a piece of software that would tell me if there where enough searches a month to make it worth going after (sanity check) and the domain was available.  Niche Finder went a step further and gave me a Red, Orange or Green light if the search term was a good one or not.  Along with giving me some alternatives.

You can read more or Click Here for Niche Finder

Market Samurai provides way too much data that I personally never used. I wanted a software that could generate keywords and then show me exactly how difficult they would be to rank in Google. I use this for a variety of things:

  • getting EASY traffic to my money sites
  • for my adsense style site
  • for my niche product sites
  • for my CPA offer sites

Micro Niche Finder “sort of” did this, but nowhere near as good as I needed/wanted. Here’s why…

– The competition images (green, yellow, red) I found were just not accurate most of the time. The reason is because the “stuff” used in the formula to determine competition just wasn’t anywhere near enough stuff. It was extremely basic. That’s fine in some cases, but I wanted something much much more reliable. Niche Finder analyzes the real stuff that determines competition (i.e. number of links, page rank, AND on page optimization). Micro Niche Finder mostly looks at “total results” in Google inside quotation marks, and a couple other queries like intitle etc. As you know, that’s just not enough to determine true competition level.

– I wanted a tool that would show me the competition level for ALL keyword WITHOUT having to manually click on each individual word one at a time. Huge pain for me to do. MNF forced me to click on each individual keyword. Again, not terrible, but I didn’t want to spend time clicking constantly. I wanted to run the software and then sort the columns or filter the columns based on what I wanted to see. Niche Finder calculate competition levels automatically for ALL keywords without forcing you to click each word. Plus, the competition level numbers you’ll get are much more reliable.

– I wanted a software that would allow me to find exact match domain availability for each keyword. Micro Niche Finder does this, BUT again… you have to click each word and wait a couple of seconds for every word you click, before it returns the answer as to whether it’s available. Niche Finder returns this for ALL keywords all at once and does it extremely fast. Only a couple of seconds for ALL keywords at once. PLUS, Niche Finder will give you many many more recommended domains that have a high density for each keyword that are available.

Neither Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai have the abilities above. If you want a keyword tool so you can be a better Google “Adwords” or “pay per click” marketer, Niche Finder isn’t a software I would use.

If you’re wanting to find keywords that lots of people are searching on, and hardly anyone is optimizing for, then Niche Finder is PERFECT and I can guarantee that no other product will help you find REAL keywords that will actually make you money. Niche Finder won’t generate 5 bazillion keywords. But, I can guarantee that it’ll find you keywords that you can actually use to get traffic fast.

I’m very serious about finding keywords like the ones I’ve mentioned above and no other keyword tool was truly built to find those words. It was almost as if that was a “secondary thought” when other keyword tools were built..

I really could go on and on about why Niche Finder will help you whether you own a million other keyword tools, but I’ll leave it at that, as I doubt you read this far into my post anyway. I was starting to bore myself 🙂

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